TD928 Nurse Calling System
 TD928 Nurse Calling System
 TD928 Nurse Calling System
 TD928 Nurse Calling System
 TD928 Nurse Calling System
 TD928 Nurse Calling System
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TD928 Nurse Calling System  TD928 Nurse Calling System

BMI Medical nurse calling system provide an ideal solution installed with bed head unit
Many hospital projects requiring the simplicity and advantages solution between patients and nurses

  • OEM: OK
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Type: Stretcher, nurse call button
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Certification: ISO9001,ISO13485
  • Metal Type: Metal,Stainless steel or customized
  • Include: Three parts
  • Size: Customized
  • Facotry: Manufactory
  • Size: Customized
1. System components
This system consists of console, extension, toilet extensions, door lights and display screen. The extensions, door lights, display screen and console adopt two-wire and non-polar connectivity. Users could choose that extensions were apparently or covertly installed according to the actual needs.
2. Main characteristics
(1) Host panel is equipped with 60 LED indicators which could show the numbers of call beds at the same time and equipped with two high-brightness LED digital tubes which could automatically and orderly display the number of call bed, the display of the host panel is clear.
(2)The sound of talkback between host and extension is clear, without noise.
(3) It is convenience to change the number of extension. If you want to change the number, only need to replace coding chip. The extension uses eight digital singlechip of PIC series made by the American Microchip company as coding chip.
(4) The appearance is fashion. The host and extension, with color harmony and beauty, are made by imported shell molds and materials.
3. Main function
(1) Two-way call: host could call extension freely, extension also could call host.
(2)Talkback: it neednt transform when speaking and hearing, both sides could talk with each other, as convenient as telephone.
(3)Host and extension could be reset.
(4) Display screen with large four high-brightness digital tube.
(5) The small screen of showing treatment situation has the same cue music as host.
(6) Store and automatically queue the number of extension when calling.
(7) Twelve polyphonic songs are optional for hosts ringing, and volume of ringing is adjustable with 16 series.
(8) Extension could call consistently without interruption: if an extension call host when host is talking with the other, the host could receive and display the new call signal without interrupting present conversation.
(9) Function of intensive care priority: host could be set a several extensions with intensive care priority. When many extensions call, the extension with intensive care priority could prior to others.
(10)Short circuit alarm: when line is short circuit, the hosts digital tube displays the letters of "DL" with alarm ringing.
(11) Could fix the extension with toilet urgent call.
4. Main technical parameters
(1)The temperature of working environment-10℃~40  
(2)Relative humidity:≤80          
(3)Voltage220VAC 50Hz    
(4)Bus voltage24VDC        
(5)Static Power<20W
(6)Standby current of extension:≤250ua
(7) Call Current of extension:≤50ma
(8)System maximum capacity99 doors
(9)The longest working line: 1000 meters
(10) Distortion 10


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