Nasal Oxygen Cannula
 Nasal Oxygen Cannula
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Nasal Oxygen Cannula  Nasal Oxygen Cannula

The nasal oxygen cannula is disposable, single package, single use. They are used for anoxic person to supply oxygen.

  • Certificates: CE, ISO9001,ISO13485
  • OEM: OK
  • Type: Oxygen Supply System
  • Material: Medical Grade PVC
  • Color: Light Green,Transparent
  • Properties: Medical Polymer Products
  • Tube Length: 155cm
  • Product Category : Adult; Child;Neonate
  • Sterile: EO Gas
Product Features

 Designed for easy administration of oxygen and comfort of patient .
 The mouth of the patient remains free for oral nutritional feeding and communication.
Soft funnel shaped connector facilitates easy connection to oxygen source.

 Smoothly adjustable nasal tips for maximum patient comfort .
 Resisted compression and anti-flattened features ensure oxygen go through tube freely , even suffering a sudden press.
 Twin prong nasal tips to ensure equal volume of oxygen to both air passages.


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