Master medical gas aralm
 Master medical gas aralm
 Master medical gas aralm
 Master medical gas aralm
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Master medical gas aralm  Master medical gas aralm

BMI medical gas alarm is mainly used in detecting gas supply pressure of a gas pipeline system, when the pressure of a medical gas supply at a serious situation, send out sound and light alarm.

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Type: Medical gas alarm
  • gas sources: 10,20,30 gas
  • classification: class 1
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • user: medical pipeline system
  • power: 10w
  • voltage: 220v/110v
  • sound degree: 0db±1db

BMI medical gas display alarm system is wall mounted unit the gas gauge monitor in up to six gases pipe line and sound alarm wire to a printed circuit board located on the rough-in assembly. Each add-on module can be programmed to provide specific information, based on the medical facility's needs.

· 1) Each Module : Microprocessor
· 2) Alarm Buzzer : 90 Decibels
· 3) Alarm Adjustrable : 10, 15, 30 Minutes
· 4) Indicator : LED Alarm
· 5) Six alarm signal one module
· 6) Programmable solid red of flashing green indicator(led lamp)
· 7) Audible and gauge visual alarm
1,Consists of the tough-in assembly.annunciator module
2,Can expand to 6 gas sources
3,display modules indicators the pressure or vacuum value and audible and visal alarm signals.
4,three type pressure sensor
5,high-set point and low-set point vaue for alrm adjustable
Environmental conditions
*Ideal environment temperature:10°C~40°C
*Relative humidity30%-80%(no dew)
*Have no the fire source around
*No sunlight shooting
*Vibration lightly
*Keep off the strong lelctromagntism source

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