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We are SUZHOU BAW MEDTECH LTD (BMI), our general manger Selina Ku ,Amy Shen and engineer David Visit our respected Philippines customers.
20160316 visit Philippines customer (5)
they has gone to Cebu, davao, Quezon, baguio for a week .they contacted  and learned with each other ,thanks for our respected Philippines customers support ,our respected Philippines customers is so proud of our product that willing to distributor whatever product we have .
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SUZHOU BAW MEDTECH LTD (BMI) Specialized in Medical Gas Pipeline System , Surgical Pendant,Bed head unit, Medical gas outlet,Medical Alarm, Zone Valve With Box ,Vaccum regular, and  Oxygen Flowmeter for 15 years
20160316 visit Philippines customer (42)

20160316 visit Philippines customer (24)

If you are interested in cooperation, no matter small or big your company is now, we can work together for better future.

BMI always supply what worth to pay.
BMI will do better continuely for you .

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