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European standard yellow vacuum regulator

on the operation, appeared the following phenomenon: Bleeding, have exudates, pus, chamber dirty content. Need the Vacuum regulator to absorb the waste in the suction bottle.

  • VR812
  • BMI
  • VR812
  • Stretcher, medical suction regulator
  • Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • yellow
  • Be put into the Vacuum gas outlest of the gas supp
  • CE
  • Original facotry.welcome OEM
  • 500ml/800ml/1000ml/2000ml
  • 2years
  • 0-760MMHG/0-250MMHG
  • ok
Our product is centralized control, Use unified central negative pressure in the equipment, the operating room. The room
 equipment with the interface, and provides the necessary negative pressure aspirator, attracted by connecting joints to control 
the size of the negative pressure and avoid dirt suction negative
Gauge 0-260mmHg for children 
0-760mmHg for adult

Valve material  stainless steel,aluminium
Overflow safety trap capacity 150cc,polycarbonate
ON-OFF function ON: Green button visible
 Excess flow protection:Effectively prevent back flow when liquid set full
Advantages a.Simple structure
c.Just Need a small area
d.Low noise.
Use Can use in bed head unit, pendant ect

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