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Area medical gas alarm

BMI medical gas alarm is mainly used in detecting gas supply pressure of a gas pipeline system, when the pressure of a medical gas supply at a serious situation, send out sound and light alarm.

  • BM-DA
  • BMI
  • BM-DA
  • Medical gas alarm
  • Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • 1-6 gas
  • class 1
  • 2 years
  • medical pipeline system
  • 10w
  • ISO9001 ISO13485 CE
  • 220v/110v
  • 70db±1db
BMI medical gas display alarm system is wall mounted unit the gas gauge monitor in up to six gases pipe line and sound alarm wire to a printed circuit board located on the rough-in assembly. Each add-on module can be programmed to provide specific information, based on the medical facility's needs.
1.Can expand to 6 gases sources
2.Display modules indicators the pressureor vacuum value and audible and visual alarm
3.Three types pressure sensor
4.High-set point and low-set point value for alarm adjustable
5.Consist of Master control panel and display panel
6.Total size(L*W*H):305*298*110mm(380*298*110mm)
7.Voltage:220V/50HZOR 110V/60HZ
10.Sound ±1db
11.Work mode:continuous
12.Gas source:V,A,N2O,N2,O2,CO2
13. Panel Color:white
14. Net weight:5kg±0.5kg
(Standard configuration 220V/50HZ)

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