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     Engineer Introduction    
David Yin, mechanical engineer of SUZHOU BAW MEDTECH LTD(BMI), which have more than ten years experience specializing in the production, R & D, technical of medical gas pipeline system. He is committed to the healthy of human with the technology,and always go all out to make the best quality.
What's Customer Say
What's Customer Say
You are a very strong team, and has a high-quality customer service, your customer service staff is very dedicated, regular contact with me, and provide me with a project plan needed new report, very authoritative, accurate, and their associated data to meet my demand.            
                                                                                   -----miss nina
BMI WARRANTY-bed head unit
BMI WARRANTY-medical gas outlet&adaptor
BMI WARRANTY-oxygen therapy
BMI WARRANTY-medical pendent
suction unit
BMI WARRANTY-medical alarm
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